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Product name:

Cyclohexapentylose CAS 10016-20-3

Chemical Name: Cyclohexapentylose
CAS No.: 10016-20-3
Molecular Fomula: C36H60O30
Molecular Weight: 972.84
Assay: 99%

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Cyclohexapentylose CAS 10016-20-3 Details

Chemical Name: Cyclohexapentylose

CAS No.: 10016-20-3
Molecular Fomula: C36H60O30
Molecular Weight: 972.84
Assay: 99%

Cyclohexapentylose CAS 10016-20-3 Usage:

The cyclodextrin has a cavity at the center of the ring structure, and has an oxygen atom bonded to -CH- and glucose glucoside inside, which is sulfur-containing, and the -OH group at the 2, 3 and 6 positions of glucose is hydrophilic and can pass. The weak van der Waals forces the other molecules into a composite. There are many substances that can be encapsulated by cyclodextrin, including rare gases, halogens, dyes, perfumes, drugs, foods, pesticides and preservatives. After the inclusion, the stability, volatility, solubility, and reactivity were all improved. This special role of cyclodextrin makes it an inclusive material with a wide range of applications. 

1. Use in the pharmaceutical industry The use of cyclodextrin to form inclusions (encapsulation) with drugs can stabilize (1) unstable drugs; (2) deliquescent, adhesive or liquid drug pulverization (3) Soluble or insoluble drugs are solubilized (solubilized) and the like.

2. Use in the pesticide industry The cyclodextrin is stabilized by inclusion, and some pesticides are resistant to storage and improve insecticidal efficacy. 

3. Uses in the food industry Cyclodextrins are used in the food industry and have the following effects: (1) elimination and masking of specific odors; (2) improvement and improvement of food structure; (3) reduction of bitter taste And removal; (4) anti-oxidation; (5) preservation and improvement of flavor. 

4. Uses in the daily chemical industry Cyclodextrin can also be used as an emulsifier and quality improver in the manufacture of cosmetics. It also has deodorization (such as bad breath) and antiseptic effect, and can be used in the manufacture of toothpaste and tooth powder. 

5. Other uses .It can be used as a treatment agent for oily sewage in environmental protection. The aqueous solution of cyclodextrin is used to clean the oil tank, and the waste liquid can be recovered and treated to obtain fuel oil. 6. Use of cyclodextrin in the chemical field Cyclodextrin is a valuable chemical reagent. When it is present, the fluorescence intensity of the fluorochrome is significantly increased, so it can be used for the analysis of proteins and amino acids; it can also be used to separate long-chain organic compounds, racemates and the like. Further, an adsorbent made of cyclodextrin can be used as an adsorption for chromatographic analysis. 

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