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Categories and Aplications of Casein


What is Casein?
Casein, as an important food and chemical raw material, is mainly used as a food additive and quality improver in various industries such as food, medicine, tobacco, cosmetics, leather, and paper. Casein is a casein product mainly derived from cow''''s milk or its products. It is extracted by centrifugation, degreasing, sedimentation, drying, etc., and its appearance is white or yellowish powder or particulate matter. CAS NO: 9000-71-9, EINECS: 232-555-1.

Application of casein
Application in food
Casein and its products have extremely high nutritional value, such as promoting the body''''s absorption of calcium, iron and other chemicals, providing essential amino acids for the growth and development of the human body.

Casein is a full-price protein, multi-functional food additive widely used in various foods, health food nutrition protein additives, thickeners, food stabilizers, emulsifiers, and various beverages.

The recommended amount of sausage is 0.2%-0.5%.

Function: Evenly distribute the meat fat of the sausage and strengthen the adhesion of the meat.

The recommended amount of ice cream is 0.2%-0.3%.

Function: Stabilize bubbles in ice cream to prevent shrinkage.

Application in industry
The industrial grade casein is derived from the purification of bovine cheese protein. It has excellent properties of adhesion, film formation, brightness, emulsification, and stability, and is an ideal green adhesive material.

Used as a sizing agent, glazing agent, adhesive in the paper industry

Used in the leather industry as leather and artificial leather tanning agents, adhesives, blended fiber finishing agents

Casein can also be used as a waterproof, fireproof, high-strength, decorative architectural coating, high hardness layer (salt) acid coating for the manufacture and use of steel equipment.

As a processing aid in plastic processing.

Categories of casein
According to the use of Categories, casein is divided into industrial-grade casein and food grade casein.

According to the production method, casein is divided into two main production methods: acid casein and enzyme casein. The acid casein includes two methods, an acid addition method, and a lactic acid fermentation method, wherein the acid addition method differs depending on the type of acid added. It can also be divided into lactate casein, casein hydrochloride, casein and the like.

According to the purity Categories, the purity of the produced casein is divided into crude casein and refined casein. When the fresh milk is added with acid or rennet, the casein can be precipitated. The precipitate is coarse cheese and coarse. The refined casein is processed to produce refined casein.