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Three functions of ferulic acid that you may not be aware of


FERULIC ACID has three distinct functions, including anti-radiation, anti-oxidation, anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

Antiradiation function of FERULIC ACID
Radiation-induced organ failure is largely caused by chronic peroxide damage. The damage caused by radiation is divided into direct damage and indirect damage, that is, radiation directly causes some sensitive molecules in the cell to break; Indirect injury is caused by water radiolysis which leads to the increase of reactive oxygen species (Ros) and then to the change of subcellular structure, so antioxidants are widely used to treat radiation injury. To protect cells from reactive oxygen species (Ros) damage, homeostasis of endogenous sulfhydryl pools must be maintained, especially Glutathione and Nicotinamide Adenine dinucleotide phosphate levels.

Glutathione provides a reductive equivalent for the conversion of hydrogen peroxide and Lipid peroxidation into water and lipids, protecting the sulfhydryl group from oxidative damage. The rate-limiting reaction of Glutathione biosynthesis is catalyzed by glutamate-L-Cysteine ligase (GCL) , which consists of a catalytic subunit (GCLC) and a regulatory subunit (GCLM) .

NICOTINAMIDE ADENINE dinucleotide phosphate is an important antioxidant in tissues that helps maintain a cell''''s reduction potential by reducing the reductive equivalents of Glutathione reductase, mitochondrial and thioredoxin.

Ferulic acid is a kind of phenolic plant components with strong antioxidant activity, which has a great role in promoting human health. Ferulic acid significantly increased the contents of Glutathione and Nicotinamide Adenine dinucleotide phosphate in irradiated cells and had a protective effect on irradiated endothelial cells. Heme oxygenase, an antioxidant enzyme that converts Hemin into Biliverdin and ultimately the antioxidant Bilirubin, is well regulated by FERULIC ACID Thus plays a protective role in radiation protection.

Antioxidant function of FERULIC ACID
Metabolism is characteristic of living things, and living things are constantly being transformed by reactive oxygen species (molecules or free radicals that are directly or indirectly derived from molecular oxygen and are more reactive than molecular oxygen.) Free radicals (also called free radicals) attack atoms, atomic groups, or molecules with unpaired electrons in their outer orbitals, both of which can directly contribute to the formation of tumors or to the production of carcinogens The key to prevent and cure related diseases is to change the living body''''s DNA and activate the proto-oncogene, so that the body can produce cancer cells and reduce the anti-oxidative damage.

Studies have shown that ferulic acid can skillfully destroy free radicals, restore the normal functioning of life, ferulic acid can make life produce free radical enzymes are inhibited, on this basis, can also make free radical scavenging enzymes increased. At the same time, ferulic acid can greatly enhance the activities of awake reductase and Glutathione S-transferase, and control the ratio of active tyrosinase. The research of Zhouen and so on indicated that ferulic acid has remarkable antioxidation function, has the good elimination effect to the peroxide ammonia, the superoxygen free radical, the hydroxyl free radical, the peroxide nitro group and so on.

Antibacterial and antiviral functions of FERULIC ACID
In recent years, there have been many reports about the inhibitory effects of ferulic acid on cold virus (IV) , human respiratory syncytial virus and HIV Results ferulic acid could decrease the production of the protein. Among them, ferulic acid has inhibitory effect on HIV, so there is the possibility that ferulic acid will become a future chemotherapeutic agent.

It is suspected that the inhibitory mechanism of ferulic acid on viruses is related to its ability to decrease the activity of oxidase in Huangbailing Is because this kind of enzyme can generally cause some inflammation of the occurrence of ferulic acid antibacterial function guess is mainly because it has a strong inhibition of the n-b ugly transferase in bacteria.